~Of Bluebirds Roses and Christmas~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

~The Christmas Kitchen~
Our kitchen for Christmas features gingerbread men and sweet shoppe decor.
A small tree that I've had since I was a teenager (though it was decorated differently then, as my bedroom tree.)
Gingerbread boys and girls hang out atop the Sellars cabinet.
This was my very first attempt at a gingerbread cottage, a couple of years ago. It was really fun!!
The kitchen is such a special part of our Christmas memories. Lots of holiday baking and family togetherness. These pictures are from previous years; as I haven't decorated the kitchen for Christmas yet this year.
Thanks for the comments on my vintage nativity in the previous post. Somehow I knew you would appreciate the "imperfect" perfectness of it.


  • At November 14, 2008 at 7:38 PM , Blogger Lee Laurie said...

    Becca, Your Christmas kitchen was very cozy and warm. I bet you had it smelling like cinnamin or gingerbread too. Do you like Christmas scented candles?


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